At Fieldskill we offer a wide range of packaging, janitorial and stationery products

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janitorial & workwear

Whether you are a dedicated purchaser for an industrial/manufacturing company, or tasked with buying the toilet rolls and bin liners for the office. We are able and happy to help.

At our Eastbourne warehouse we hold a comprehensive range of janitorial products. These include toilet rolls, paper hand towels, black rubbish sacks, hand soaps, toilet and floor cleaners, bleaches and polishes. Our workwear list is also extensive and includes disposable and handling gloves, mob caps, overshoes, Tyvek coveralls and safety goggles.

We buy direct from manufacturers to ensure we can provide accredited products at the lowest price.

Sending your staff out to buy these items costs your business time and money. Why not let us deliver for free?